Our half-day IT optimization assessments for small and medium sized businesses

Quite literally the most productive morning you might ever have

Currently offered at a no-brainer value, our IT optimization assessment will seriously impact your organization's performance.

No Card Required    •   Easily Scheduled    •    Irresistible Value
Reliability, security and efficiency

Optimize your technology

Your profit is probably suffering because your tech is just thrown together stuff.

An easy, 4-step process

You request the assessment through this website
Fill in your name, email address and phone number.
We contact you: introductions, further explanation and we pick a date
We also take time to answer any and all questions.
Our senior staff comes by to identify possible efficiency gains
It's beneficial to have chats with people from various departments.
You receive a detailed report with action steps and estimated value outline
By identifying underlying problems with your technology, you are one step closer to beating the competition.
We want to build a relationship

We offer our time at below cost

Why? We are confident there will be many areas where your business can benefit and we hope that you will invite us to facilitate your path to leveraging technology like a professional.

Our standard hourly rate of $150 is reduced to $40 during the assessment.
The average small businesses takes about 10 hours.
That would include a half-day in your office and another half day to finish our report.
Asks for follow-up strategic meetings
Pages in our reports with recommendations
our it support company audits it infrastructure and it assets
IT Optimization Assessment
= ₤29.-
Pre-arrival phone call to make sure you're comfortable and understand what's going to happen
Onsite check of your software and hardware
Onsite chat with the executive in charge of strategic direction
Detailed report
* No information is shared with 3rd parties and our data management adheres to the GDPR standard.
Best Value
it consulting services

“I love how effective Jason was. He got ON IT!”

Brian Acosta, London
it consultant explaining it asset manegement
Effiency gains in various departments

Your best decision of the quarter.

If you don't think our visit was worth your time and money, we'll give it for free and throw in another $100 as an apology.

it support specialist providing it assistance
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No mumbo-jumbo.

We're talking immediate efficiency increase.

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Your profit is probably suffering because your tech is just 'thrown together' stuff

In 99% of the cases, it's possible. And we are happy increase your business' output.
No strings attached offer
Of course we would also be happy to help you execute your upgrades, but there are absolutely no strings attached. Use the final report as you please.
Your success always comes first
It occasionally happens that we find a problem we have not solved before. If so, we research the solution at no additional charge, even if we end up referring you to another IT-specialist to get it installed.
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